About Our Blog

Hello Readers and Welcome to Our Blog!!!

The content for our blog will be written by our broker Kerron Brown, with the purpose to educate the public about the intricacies involved in Trinidad and Tobago’s real estate industry, and the step-by-step processes involved in the buying/selling and renting of properties.

Be sure to look out for a new blog topic every month, and the best part is the topics will not just be chosen by our broker but also based on questions asked by you, the public, via our social media platforms.

So be on the look on for our Q&A post on our FB and IG pages!

The GenX Brand has been serving you since 2015 and as our company further establishes itself in the real estate industry, one of our top priorities is to educate the public further. We firmly believe that education empowers and equips YOU with the surety and confidence that you should feel during any real estate transaction.

So join us as we continue to Add Value to your Real Estate Transactions – The GenX Way. Always standing resolutely behind our foundational pillars of Ethics, Education and Experience.

GenX Realty Ltd Broker
Kerron Brown

About Our Broker

Mr Brown has 20-plus years of experience and certification in the Real Estate Industry here in Trinidad and in the United States of America, with expertise in real estate investment and property management.

His approach is direct and honest and he firmly believes in giving invaluable service to clients and guiding them through each step of the real estate process with a caring yet candid approach.